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Elite apartment building Londra is located in the heart of the town of Montecatini Terme, in the cosy district with already existing infrastructure and rich historical heritage. Charming atmosphere of the historical downtown adds to the complex’s architectural solution, nonetheless possessing modernity, ecological approach and necessary comfort.
Modern design of the exterior harmonically combines natural materials possessing rich finishing surface, such as noble wood and natural travertine. Apart from the external, the complex has a very elaborate internal infrastructure, planned for the people who would like to lead the most comfortable, high-standard life. From the verandas you can enjoy a wonderful view of the shady park or cosy patio, closed from the eyes of the passers-by.
The apartment building consists of 8 apartments with the area ranging from 50 to 200 m². Every apartment possesses a unique decoration and planning. Communal zones are designed in a consistent aristocratic style. Well-functioning security system allows you not to worry about your family and property. Nearby there is a safe and exciting playground.


1 floor

2 floor

3 floor

4 floor

Apt. № Price (EUR)
1 648`400
2 548`760
3 398`040
4 203`440
5 Sold
6 562`200
7 441`800
8 770`520


Interiors of the apartments and the communal zones of the Londra apartment building were designed by the joint efforts of Italian and Russian architects.

The main concept is the establishment of an easy-going and highly comfortable atmosphere for the people who will live there. The additional benefit of the apartment building lies in the unique possibility of having one’s own patio.

It is necessary to note that planning of the building was not limited by the design and architectural decisions, but also included visits to the manufacturing plants, on site inspection of materials and quality control of the manufactured products.

Construction and decoration field supervision was performed on a daily basis by the Italian architect.

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